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Visible mending - free pattern downloads

Visible mending is a fantastic opportunity to give your clothes your personal touch,  while also making them last longer and saving you money.

Here you can find inspiration and free patterns to get you started with visible mending.

You can print these free pattern downloads on paper or use it from your i.e. iPad. Just lay your fabric on the screen and you should see the pattern through and draw it on to your fabric. You can also adjust the pattern size to what you need to cover – a stain, a hole or just the space you want to embroider.

You can find links to instructional videos on all of the stitches used, below every download.

I usually embroider with 3 out of 6 threads of DMC embroidery yarn, but it all depends on how you like the end result to look like – fuller, thinner, more detailed.

I would love to see your end result if you want to share it. You can tag me at #syslredesign on Instagram.


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SySL redesign

The proces of making the embroidery pattern to cover a stain on my daughter´s dress.

Flower: Woven rose/spider web rose

Leaves: Fish bone stitch

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